About us

About Al Qudwa Foodstuff Co.

Products and people you can trust

Al Qudwa Foodstuff Co. is a well-established global leader in the procurement and sale of frozen meat, poultry, seafood, and agricultural commodities products and their respective derivatives, with over 15 years of experience.

We offer a wealth of experience in the exportation and importation of quality food products, sourced directly from the processing zones across all corners of the globe. We are specialized in trading all types of food products – to all sorts of customers including wholesalers, catering, manufacturing, etc.

Our suppliers count on us to market their goods competitively and creatively. We bring with them expertise in local market conditions and cultural differences. We aim to provide a quality standard, a good logistics system, and competitive prices to our customers.

Whether dealing in frozen protein or agricultural commodities products, all of our clients depend on our highly skilled team to help them catch opportunities and make good business decisions.

Synergies in the world scene today are essential for the survival of a business, so we attach great importance to cooperation in the process of mutual benefit, not only with suppliers and customers but also with logistics companies and other services. Those who choose to do business with us get more than just a trader or distributor. By watching market trends, sharing market knowledge, and proactively responding to changing circumstances we protect and promote our client’s interests.

At Al Qudwa Foodstuff Co. Trading, we know what is most important to our suppliers and customers in their own markets. With these specific requirements in mind, we work to fulfill their needs.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with the highest quality products and efficient solutions from our experienced sales team.

Our Vision

To be a sustainable enterprise that provide total customer satisfaction and professional touch to the service we offer.

Company Value

Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, Creativity, Honesty and Customer service.